When it comes to bat sports, there are plenty of fun ones out there that you can play but, in my opinion, badminton is the one that you should consider playing. I have been playing badminton for over three years now and I am really glad that I took it up. Below I am going to explain some reasons as to why you should consider playing badminton, also known as “batting”, not to be confused with sports betting in the UK, and I hope that by the end of this page I will have convinced you to pick up a racket and some shuttlecocks and take up one of the best bat sports ever.


Bat Sports Offers a Great Way to Lose Weight

Unlike with other sports that have a lot of running, the rallies in badminton are really quick. Hitting a shuttlecock back and forth is really exhausting and requires quick sprinting in order to make sure that you win the point. Eventually, someone will lose the point, but you will only have a very short recovery time before it is time for the next serve. This high intensity running, followed by a very short break, makes sure that your heart rate stays very high. However, since you are getting a few moments to get your breath back, you do not really notice how hard you are actually working. Badminton is fantastic for burning fat and playing for just an hour can see you burn around 500 calories, which is more than you will burn when you go for a run.

It Will Help Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Playing a game of badminton will lower your bad cholesterol levels while increase your good cholesterol levels. Badminton is also an activity that will strengthen your heart, which makes it a great sport for those who have heart issues. Playing badminton regularly will also lower your heart’s resting rate, which is something that is really beneficial to your overall health. By playing badminton two to three times a week you can significantly decrease your risk of having a heart attack or stroke later on in your life.

Improves Your Reflexes

When participating in a game of badminton, it’s essential to maintain focus and quick reflexes. Losing concentration for even a moment can lead to mistakes and cost you points. The sport is often referred to as the “chess of sports” because of the need to react and anticipate your opponent’s moves. For example, your opponent may feign a smash, only to change their shot at the last second with a flick over the net. To be successful, you need to be able to quickly recognize and respond to these tactics. With practice, your reflexes will improve and you’ll be able to perform better in badminton matches.

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Helps to Build Endurance

This is a benefit that I have experienced myself firsthand. I am a very active guy and I have climbed some of the world’s biggest mountains (albeit with quite a bit of puffing). However, since I have started playing badminton, I find myself puffing a lot less than when I did some climbing before I started playing badminton. I outpaced nearly everybody in the group, and I put that down to my regular badminton practice.

It Can be Played at Any Level

Many people think that badminton is an easy game, which is quite an annoying assumption for those of us who know that it is actually one of the more physically demanding sports that you can play. However, it is a sport that anyone can play, which is great. Little children cannot play tennis because the ball and the racket are heavy, and they will never manage to serve properly. However, kids can definitely play badminton. Old people, those with a handicap, and those with poor levels of fitness can also play. Badminton is a sport that is happy to accept anyone big or small, fat or thin, and so on. And once you start watching high level professional badminton competitions, you can also participate by betting on it through sites such as the ones listed here.